Children are falling out of windows. The reasons will shock you!

Third-floor window accident sees one child dead

Earlier this week emergency services responded to a 911 call that had been placed from a Langley home after a young boy plummeted three stories to his death. Authorities scrambled to get the boy to hospital, however, he unfortunately passed away not long after.
The local police department said that, while they are investigation what happened, they aren’t treating the death as suspicious.

A child falls from a window in 1975
A child falls from a window in 1975

Worryingly, this is not the first incident of its kind and, in fact, there were four accidents just like this in and around Langley last year, with an average of eight fatalities across the whole of America. As developing humans, it’s only natural that small children love to explore, which is what makes open windows so dangerous.

A Langley Family has lost their son after he fell out of a third-floor window of a town home
A Langley Family has lost their son after he fell out of a third-floor window of a town home

If you saw the recent viral video of a twin who ended up being squashed under a dresser, you’ll understand just how easily seemingly-safe areas can become deadly.  Here is the video:

Here is a short list of things that you can do to child-proof your windows

  • Having durable, high-quality window locks is not only a great crime-prevention tactic, as it’s also a great way to child-proof windows. You should also make sure all reachable windows have a catch on them, opening to no more than 4 inches.
  • It’s also a good idea to keep windows locked at all times unless it’s incredibly important and, even then, you should supervise your children at all times if they are in the room and never, NEVER leave them unaccompanied for any reason, especially near balconies.
  • Do not rely on window screens. While you may think that your window screen will stop any window-related accidents, this is not the case. They may be good for stopping bugs coming in, but that’s about it
  • Make it as hard as possible for children to reach the windows. Don’t have an easily-scalable table right next to the interesting window.
  • Keep all furniture as far away as possible from windows, and make sure that it’s all secure. You don’t want a repeat of the dresser video I mentioned earlier on!

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