Social Media is Dangerous for Teenagers

Social Media is Dangerous for Teenagers

Facebook Can Turn Your Teen into a Victim

Remember when you were a teenager and you knew everything about everything? Remember when your parents would try to guide you through your teenage years and you thought that your parents are just too old to understand. As you got older you realized how little you knew about life and you felt really bad for how you treated your parents. Well, hate to break it to you parents, but your teenagers think you are just as un-cool as you thought your parents were! And your teenagers think they know everything.


Two teenage girls came over to my house for dinner the other day. They were talking about how some friends that they knew were encountered by a guy with a whole bunch of blood on him. Their friends had to keep him at the scene while the cops came. Turns out the guy brutally beat his brother to death.  One of the girls said, “Can you believe it? Here in America that happened!”  I laughed (because I thought she was joking) but then I quickly realized that she truly thought this was out of place for America. Part of me loved how innocent this girl was, but the other part of me was frightened for her.

I don’t want my children to be afraid of the world, but I want them to be aware of the dangers in this world. I want to teach them the importance of not leaving my side in public, to be hesitant of strangers, to never get into a car with somebody that I didn’t approve of (even if they know them) and the list goes on.


Some parents these days that have teenagers didn’t grow up with such easy access to the internet and there were certainly not any social media platforms. So, maybe your teenagers have a point when they say, “you just don’t understand.” But, what you do understand is the dangers that these platforms have.

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