13 Bath Time Tips for Busy Parents

13 Bath Time Tips For Busy Parents

Make bath time a breeze with these expert level mom hacks

Bathing is an important part of any baby’s life; it teaches them about personal hygiene, preparing them for later life; and it’s also a time when they can relax and play. Unfortunately for us parents, we don’t get to dive in with them and play around – we have things to do and you can quickly lose track of time when bathing your child(ren).

Luckily, WhatsUpMoms have created an amazing video with twelve amazing bath time hacks to make your life a whole lot easier!

Too busy to watch the video? Don’t worry! we’ve summarized everything here:

1 – Install some non-slip decals on the bottom of your bath

Install some non-slip decals on the bottom of your bath

This not only helps to make bath time a lot safer but also creates fun and interesting play zones for your child.

2 – Shaving cream and paint brushes

Shaving cream and paint brushes

Let their creativity go wild. Some shaving cream and paint brushes makes bath time fun. Bonus: It’s easy to wash off afterwards.

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