45 Things Moms Promised they would NEVER say… and failed

“When I am a mother, I will Never…”

Before I had children I made the mistake (on several occasions) of saying things like, “when I am a mother, I will never (insert something really naive here).”  I just knew I was going to be a better mother than the other mothers out there.


I was never going to feed my children those Gerber pre-packaged foods, I was never going to smell my baby’s butt, I was never going to eat off of my kid’s plates, I was never going to lick my finger and wipe their face and I was never ever going to give my children sweets just to get them to stop crying! I was going to be the ultimate mother and that was never going to change! Oh you sweet naive lady!

Oh you sweet naive lady!

I think that it is safe to say that 100% of women have made the “when I am a mother, I will never…” comment before they became a mother and then completely go against everything that you had previously said.

Continue reading to see our list of 45 things women promised they would never say as a mother.

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Written by Nicole Christensen

Hey there! My name is Nicole! I am so excited for you guys to be checking out this site today!
Just a little bit about me, the author, I am a wife to a fabulous husband and a mother to two beautiful and amazing boys. I have my Bachelors Degree in Sociology and my Master's Degree in Criminal Justice, through my many years of education I have learned about all things people, society, the criminal justice system and safety.

I run my very own blog that I cover all things home decor, DIY, interior design and I teach people how to make their houses homes. You can check out my personal blog at

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