Being a Stay-At-Home Mom Is NOT Easy

Dads. Think Twice before You Ask: “What do you Do All Day?”


Before I was a mother I judged mothers. I thought about how much more I would get done during the day then those other mothers. I knew that I would be a rock star mom who always had a clean house, my kids ate well-balanced meals everyday, I would have the time and energy to break the days into different activities we do and of course, I would always have dinner waiting for my husband when he got home.

This is how I pictured myself as a Mom – from

These other moms just didn’t have the energy and will power that I had, so clearly I was going to be much better. When I became a mother, I considered it to be a good day if I got to take a shower.  I get asked by non-parents sometimes, “what do you do all day”.  I look at them and want to fight them. I really wanted to share with you my schedule of my day to show you what a stay-at-home mom has to go through.


Written by Nicole Christensen

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