Simple Door Stops Can Prevent Broken Fingers

How to Childproof your Doors to Protect Little Fingers

When I was about 18 months old and my brother was almost three years old we were at home with my mom. My mom had to go outside real fast and she told my brother to not let me outside. My brother listened and took his role very seriously. I saw my mom leave and I wanted to go outside too, so I started opening up the door and my brother slammed the door shut. It slammed so hard on my thumb. I ended up having such a bad broken finger that I had to go to the hospital and have surgery. I still have the scar on my thumb! I never understood how this could happen until I had children.


My oldest son loves to close the door and he doesn’t pay attention to what is around him. We have had very close calls to having fingers being smashed in the door, because toddlers are notorious for slamming doors and not caring who they smash. My husband and I started discussing options as to what kind of things we could put into the door to stop from smashed little fingers, so I started searching the internet.


The best product that we found for stopping little fingers being smashed by big doors was a door guard. This product is simple, but brilliant. The basic design is meant to rest around the door so that a door can’t close all of the way. This would prevent my little toddler from slamming the door closed on his baby brother’s fingers.


There are some other products on the market to help us with our problem, but they didn’t seem as efficient. For example, there are several door stopping options where the device is something that is placed on the floor so the door will be stopped by the wedge and it won’t be able to continue closing. However, my little three year old would quickly get frustrated that the door wasn’t closing and he would just remove the little wedge on the floor, or he would push harder on the door until the wedge became obsolete. So, that product wouldn’t work for our family.


One product that I really liked is the thumb protector. It is basically a device with a cushion on the end. You install a little piece onto the door and then you can attach the thumb protector onto the installed piece and then take it off easily. When the door tries to close the thumb protector stops this from happening and bounces away from the door. This seemed like a great product, until I realized that I was going to have to install something onto my door. I didn’t really want to screw things onto my door, so I still like the little U-shaped door stoppers better because they don’t require any installation.


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