Children Can Make In App Purchases without Parents Permission

Is it too simple to purchase?


I love how easy it is to purchase things from online stores. Amazon already has my shipping address on file and even has my credit card saved. So all I have to do is log onto onto my Amazon account and click on what I want and it gets sent instantly to my home! How amazing is that? I don’t have to continue to write in all of my information each time I want to purchase!One day my little toddler grabbed my phone and started running away from me.


I started laughing as I chased after him. When I got my phone back from him he managed to get into my Amazon app and he put a couple of things into my cart. How did he even do that so quickly? I thought what a nightmare it would have been if he would have actually purchased something that I really didn’t want. Well this nightmare was a reality to Bethany Howell.

Howell was fast asleep on her couch taking a much needed nap. Her six year old daughter, Ashlynd decided that she really wanted to buy some stuff from Amazon. She stole her mother’s phone while she was still sleeping and then she used her mothers thumb to open up the Amazon app. While her mother slept, Ashlynd shopped. Ashlynd spent over $250 on Pokemon presents for Christmas. Ashlynd ended up purchasing 13 gifts for herself.


When Howell woke up and realized that her Amazon account had been “hacked” she tried to get to the bottom of how somebody ordered things from her Amazon account. While they were trying to find the culprit, her daughter came clean and told her mother that she was just shopping. Out of the 13 items that that she bought, only four were able to be returned.


Howell ended up telling her daughter that she could not have the gifts that she purchased, because Santa saw that she stole her mother’s finger print to buy the gifts.

Written by Nicole Christensen

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