Toy Mermaid Tails Can Kill

Popular toy is capable of drowning kids.

Toy Mermaid Tails Can Kill

Mermaids can breathe underwater. Your kids can’t.

Awhile ago, a video went viral featuring a mother watching her daughter try to swim with a popular Mermaid Tail toy and almost drowning! Her daughter was stuck upside down while wearing her mermaid suit.

Here is the video

Did anyone else buy the mermaid tail for their child? Be very careful with it and make sure they do not go in pool without good supervision, even though your child can swim as you can see the child cant turn topside up by themselves, just puttin it out there.

Posted by Rebecca Tedder Alvarado on Wednesday, June 10, 2015

The video raised many concerns but there was no product recall. Most of these toys meet all US Child Safety Standards, however, we believe that a toy that binds the legs of a child can make it difficult for them to swim – especially if they are inexperienced in the water.

Watch this water safety video

Before letting your child use a mermaid tail toy, have them watch this safety video.

Here are some tips we recommend before letting your child play with a mermaid tail:

  1. Only experienced swimmers ages 6 and up should use it
  2. Adult supervision is required at ALL TIMES
  3. Give your child a lesson BEFORE they use the toy
  4. Do not let them use it as a flotation device
  5. The toy can be dangerous when used in shallow water
Swimming Skills Kids Need

We also recommend your child have the following skills mastered before swimming with the mermaid tail

  1. Can back float for 60 seconds.
  2. Being capable of rolling from front to back float
  3. Capable of swimming at least 30 yards without assisted breathing
  4. Can dolphin kick on front and back at least 5 times each, breathe and repeat
Be safe with mermaid tail toys

Mermaid Fin Safety

We know the above content may sound scary, however, many people have been using the toy without any incidents.  It’s currently a trend to go “mermaiding” these days.

All we ask is that you exercise caution when letting your children (or grown-ups!) play with the mermaid fin.

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